Each one of us enjoys eating. What if your task is to become a 'Chef 'for a day?. Carrying the title of a Chef is not an easy task. A one of a kind program based on the format of a daily soap called – The Master Chef that brings with it some thrill, nervousness, pressure and a lot of excitement.

Teams will be given a quiz based on which they shall be rewarded with Plastic Money that can be used to purchase the items from the Pantry that would be set up within the premises. This Pantry would contain all the items and ingredients that would be needed by the Chefs to prepare there dish and even the Chefs would be handed over the list of items available along with their rate cards.

The 4 Level Challenge to prepare the appetizing salad, refreshing drinks, delicious snacks and saccharine deserts will be no less than a roller coaster ride where the teams will interact with one another to plan, prepare and then present the dish all by themselves in the given time period.
Spice up a Conference Retreats Seminars
20 to 120
2 - 4 Hrs