If speed thrills you and burn outs impress you, now drive through the race track with your own customized speeding car by participating in the F1 Car Mania. Inspired by the concept of F1 which is globally recognized, this game will bring out the Schumacher within you.

Play as a team by first conceptualizing your trademark design and build funky model cars to hit the road. It needs team discipline, coordination and planning to complete this challenging task. Assign individual jobs to each member of the team at which they are specialized and challenge other teams in the track for the ultimate trophy.

Teams are rewarded on different parameters like- designing, team work, timelines and racing positions. So tightened your seat belt and start your engine to reach the finish line with flying fast and furious colors.
Conferences Team Outings Dealer's Meet
20 to 120
Outdoor/ Indoor
2 - 3 Hrs