Every day you wake up and prepare yourself to compete with all. You expect for something and work for it to achieve. Now it's time to 'Expect the Unexpected' by gearing up yourself for a series of challenges in this ideal game show designed exclusively for the Corporate World.
Unite together as a team while competing with each other in a healthy fun way.
The team division is done by introducing an ice breaking activity along with a captain to lead a team. As a leader, the captain nominates the best individual for each level and teams compete with each other for the final goal which is "V for Victory". Depending on their performance in each level, teams are rewarded with points. This game brings out the strategic planning of an individual, the leadership quality and the quality of team bonding which is very much required to win the war.
Meeting Breaks Team Offsites Retreats
20 to 400
Outdoor/ Indoor
Full Day