You are the chosen one with the sceptre to lead everyone, united under your command. Now it's the opportunity to show your leadership out of corporate life by participating in the Master's Challenge, where you need to manage your own teams throughout the challenge. The level of activities here are more challenging wherein all the masters get an opportunity to unleash their group performance and prove themselves to work together for one common goal.

The Masters will lead by example and would help their teams enhance their performance, understand each others strengths, abilities, stress points, communication levels & their collective problem solving capabilities. The challenges and the power packed competition in this program will be their drive & help them train themselves and their teams for their next role. The levels of activities are bold, creative, impacting, effective and intelligently planned out to bring out one's capability to lead in any given situation.
Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
and Team Offsite
10 to 400
Outdoor/ Indoor
Full Day