"It was a pleasure working with you. The professionalism you and your team brings on is amazing. The eye for detail leaves very little room for error. Tab has proved that whether it is a small off site for 40 people or a huge annual event for 800 people, they have the capacity to excel in whatever task they take up in hand.

We look forward to working with you in future too."

Shruti Arora
Learning and Development – HR
Bharti Telesoft is now Comviva

"On behalf of the Nova family, I would like to thank you and your team for organizing the outbound activity on 11th. It was thoroughly entertaining, all the employees had great fun and more importantly learnt important aspects of working and winning as a team. We would look forward to working with you in the future as well."

Arunesh Kumar
Human Resources
A TATA Enterprise

"24-Oct-10' program was a well organized event. You and your team were able to sustain the interest of all participants till the last activity. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was a good team building exercise. Keep up the Good Job!!"

Thanks !!
Nitin Gupta
Project Manager
IBM Global Services

"It was a wonderful event. You guys worked very hard and in just such a short period of time (in 2 days) and such a hot weather, you gave us a wonder stage , lovely music and lights.

I would like to congratulate you and your wonderful young team for a fantastic performance.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show."

Dipti Ganatra
Skipperseil Electricals

"It was a pleasure working with you for the event. Our experience with TAB Consulting was great. Your team was very professional and made sure our employees had fun. We would like to sincerely appreciate your team for their efforts. The enthusiasm and spirit that was built amongst the employees was tremendous.

We would love to work with them in the future and also recommend the company to others."

Himani Singh
Assistant Manager
Salient Business Solutions

"I congratulate you & your team for conducting a wonderful show to celebrate our Diwali Fest – 2009. All the activities, games, décor, theme and especially the MC & DJ were fabulous. Everyone of us thoroughly had a great time during the fest. We look forward for many more such activities and other employee engagement programs with TAB in future.

Keep up the good work."

Thanks & regards,
Sachin Rastogi
Head - Corporate HR & Admin
Deutsche Postbank Home Finance Limited

"Back to school was a wonderful event. Very well organised & coordinated by your team. We are glad to be associated with TAB CONSULTING.
Keep up the good work JJJ
Looking forward to work with your team for our upcoming events!"

Aastha Kapoor
Office – Business HR
Barclays Shared Services Pvt. Ltd.

"It was a wonderful program. The participants are still talking about.
It was a pleasure working with you and am looking forward for more such programs."

Usha Srivastava
Corp & ABS – Learning and Development

"The event was a success. We have had a lot many outings in the past where we have been to different discs, bowling and team outings but we almost always felt that something was missing. On some occasions it was the "team spirit", on some we felt we had wasted too much for nothing, and some were plain boring.

TAB's innovative activities and day out however, proved to be nothing short of spectacular. To be frank, our team did not expect much since they had experienced many ho-hum outings in the past. However, TAB's exceptional activities, planning and execution made even the most sceptical team members appreciate it with open hearts. Those who missed being there on the day now regret it.

A special note of thanks to Abhimanyu whom we constantly bothered by calling every now and then for every minute detail.

Thanks for making the event a resounding success and we are sure that our friends from other teams are going to contact you soon for more of such events"

Rohan Trivedi
Small Enhancements Team
Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt. Ltd

"Good morning. I guess everyone was full of praise for the way the event was organized. The venue was great and the whole event was done very well. The team was especially happy with the games that were conducted on the second day.

Overall, it was a fun-filled experience for everyone.

I am sure I did not hear anyone who was not happy after the event."

Rohit Vatsa
Comviva Technologies

"This trip was special in that it was organized for a specific purpose. The atmosphere was informal and it facilitated an open and honest interaction with my colleagues, so important in an exercise like team building. I've come to believe that such events serve the cause of team building much more effectively than routine closed room meetings.

The whole trip was managed in a very professional with respect to the various games and events that were designed by the event managers. All in all I had a very good and educating time and would certainly be interested in more outings of this sort on a regular basis with TAB Consulting."

Imran Saeed
Senior Manager – Analytics
Absolutdata Research and Analytics

"I attended the TL Motivation Workshop on 13th and all I have to say; it was just.....Great. I had joined Convergys in April 2007 and only after my CCT I had this kind of an experience .The TAB team was good and with every game we played the best part was the learning about the meaning, the misses, the strengths involved in Team Work and Organizational growth. It was Refreshing and Motivational."

Amit Kapoor